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SRT stream target to Datarhei Restreamer

I’m trying to deliver an SRT from Wowza via stream target to our client’s “Datarhei Restreamer” server and keep getting a delivery error.
The client provides the following line to connect to the Restreamer:

srt://(SERVER IP):(SERVER PORT)?mode=caller&transtype=live&streamid=#!:m=request,r=bc60e2e3-9a6a-4eb8-b73b-884b26975dce

I have tried different stream target settings but without success.
What am I doing wrong?

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Hello Dimitriy
Well, logs from Wowza would be exciting, and the logs from the Restreamer. If there is any problem with the connection setup, you should see it there. I guess spontaneously on the format of the stream ID.

Please open an issue on our datarhei GitHub datarhei page. We will be happy to support you. :face_with_monocle:

You get there via the datarheicom or search engine “datarhei restreamer github”.

Sven from datarhei


Thanks Sven! It’s hard to troubleshoot without logs- appreciate you offering advice.


Hello Rose

That’s no problem—you’re welcome. If Dimitriy still gets in touch, we’ll work it out. SRT can be a bit surprising in general. We have never had such an incident with WOWZA. It is exciting for us to see what arrives in the Restreamer. We will then apply a patch so that this goes through in the future.

Greetings from Switzerland


Thank you for your responses. We figured out what the error was, it was necessary to insert the whole string into the “SteamID” of stream target field (for example, “#!:m=request,r=bc60e2e3-9a6a-4eb8-b73b-884b26975dce”). After that, the SRT is perfectly delivered to the Restreamer. It was a surprise for me to have such a possibility of StreamID.

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