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SSL Ciphersuites performances


I ask you for advice about the ssl cipher suites that may be set on VHost configuration file to get better performances with the streaming engine.
I know some cipher suites require more cpu power than others, so I’m wondering if there is a set of cipher suites to be used to be compatible with browsers and devices and, at the same time, to preserve the cpu usage.
On servers with many users connected, cipher suites my impact the performances of the server, or not?
Thanks in advance,

Hi @Dave_Love1 I am asking tech support for some advice on this. Can you share which version of Engine and Java you are using?

We believe that using Java 11 and upgrading to Engine 4.8.19 will resolve a lot of if not all cipher suite issues consuming too much CPU.

But I will try and get some additional advice for you from tech support. Be back soon!

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