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Steaming Cloud Failover


Just wondering is it possible to be streaming from 2 separate encoders to 1 streaming cloud session simultaneously? If so, if one drops out will the server pick it up off the redundancy automatically or will I have to boot the second stream manually?

Regards, Stephen.


You can add RTMP-based stream sources to custom transcoders, creating a layer of redundancy. If one source stream fails, Wowza Streaming Cloud continues to receive and process the source video on the additional, backup stream source, ensuring that playback continues uninterrupted for your viewers. In addition, when you use multiple stream sources you can restart one of your transcoders while your stream continues to run on the other, again without disruption to your viewers.

More information on how to set this up is available in the Wowza Streaming Cloud User’s Guide beginning on page 38.



Is this still possible? I only seem to be able to link a single stream source to a transcoder now.
I can see a backup URL but nowhere to set this.