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Stop stream and keep from streaming in the future

Good afternoon,

We currently need a freelancer or company to help us develop custom code for our Wowza application. We currently allow clients to stream with our services and we need a way to stop their stream and keep them from streaming. We could currently do this by removing their information from the application directory using PHP and then restarting the Wowza service but we would like to AVOID restarting the Wowza service if possible.

Detailed description of work request

Code developed should be able to be triggered via PHP to stop certain streams and keep them from streaming in the future WITHOUT Wowza service restart.

Operating System in use

Windows Server 2003

Additional Software/Network/Integration requirements

Being able to integrate with PHP/Javascript would be nice but unsure if it is possible

Timescales/Delivery date

1-2 weeks. Needed ASAP


To be discussed


I can help you, and create a module that plugs into Wowza and is controlled from a PHP/Javascript site. Please contact me by email or on Skype (id: karelboek)

Kind Regards

Karel Boek



We can help with you in creating a module which avoids restarting of Wowza. Contact me at shijil(@)



We have module developed for this purpose, so you can contact me: rshmelev [at] gmail {dot} com


we have ready to use module for that, please, contact me

denis [at]