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Stream Audio in Background on Android - Choppy Audio

I’ve built an app that uses Adobe RTMP for streaming and, on the Android version of the app, when it enters the background, the audio becomes choppy. Is there a known issue with background audio or something I need to configure?

Can you provide more info on the workflow please? Is this Cloud or Engine, is it ULL? Also, it is a broadcast app or playback app? We fixed this issue in playback apps, but still working on broadcast issues. Thanks.

Yeah, of course. It’s a broadcast app. Sometimes it’s even when the app is the foreground. We’re using Engine. In addition to this Android problem we’ve experienced that some models of iPhone, after going to sleep, drop the stream while others keep it going for an hour no problem. If I understand what I’ve read you don’t technically support background audio but is there something I can do that, perhaps unsupported, will get me smoother background audio behavior?

Not sure, but I am happy to ask the SDK engineers when I am at work tomorrow. I’ll be sure to get back to you either way. I’m sorry this is such a roadblock for you right now and I’ll see what I can find out.

We do not support audio in the background for broadcast apps on either the Android or iOS SDK at this time and we have no suggestions on an alternative right now. We are looking to add this feature in a future SDK release. Sorry for the inconvenience @Carl Benson and will be sure to update this post and notify you when we do.