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Stream from Engine to Cloud on trial account

Hello everyone
The situation here:
I have 10 Axis IP cams in my local network. On dedicated PC installed Wowza Streaming Engine, latest, from the website (4.7 i suppose) on trial key
I also have an Wowza Streaming Cloud setup (trial too) and i am willing to deliver my stream from Webcams to Cloud and watch it on dedicated page from my website.

Problem is. All being set up:

  1. In WSE i have 3 test streams, all up and running. I can take picture from them and everything looks fine
  2. In WSC i had set up Stream with Source = Engine and got connection code for Engine
  3. In Engine i added stream target, specified with one of 3 stream is it (Stream Name *) and clicked “Enable Stream Targets”

Stream in cloud - running blank. no connection.
In Engine - permament Waiting status

So question is - where should i look?
Am i missing something?