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stream RTSP over UDP

I have a wowza media server and I am streamin live video from a vidiu device into the server, which is then serving a LOT of ipads. The ipad app is mine - i wrote it. I am currently using HLS, which is not really ‘doing it’ for me. The delay off realtime is QUITE high, and when i add more ipads, the stream seems to lag on some ipads very badly.

So with that being said, I am looking into an alternative solution on the ipad, and have found something that looks promising. It is an SDK from iosvideokit. According to the email i just recieved, their response to my query was:

“OK, then with iOS VideoKit, and using RTSP on UDP, the latency can be limited around 1 second”.

Now to the question - how can i set up Wowza to stream RSTP over UDP? And what would the streaming address look like?

Thanks to anyone who can help!!



You can stream over UDP by connecting directly to the Wowza Streaming Engine. During the RTSP initiation phase (DESCRIBE, SETUP, PLAY), the client will inform the server that it needs the payload data coming in over UDP or TCP. So the protocol is negotiated by the client when connecting via RTSP and Wowza Streaming Engine will deliver the payload data over whatever protocol was negotiated.

However, since RTSP connections are unicast, they are only available when directly connecting to the server. If Wowza Streaming Engine is setup to use a Stream Target to push publish data to a multicast IP, the stream will be available via the multicast IP : port using RTP.

How To Playback on RTSP/RTP Players

The RTSP URL may look similar to this:

rtsp://[wowza-server IP]:1935/live/

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