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Streaming Cloud, no video on Windows

I have my stream set up and it seems to be working fine on Mac computers, but when I go to the test page to view the stream on any Windows machine (we have tested all browsers), it says the stream cannot load. The player does load, but it does not see the stream even though on a Mac it is streaming fine.

Any thoughts why this might be happening?



I am following up on this post for the community. The answer below comes from the support request that was submitted in parallel with this post. The issue was tied to a trial account playback issue.

The fundamental difference between trial and paid Cloud accounts are that the playback URLs for paid accounts are served from the CDN. For trial accounts the streams are served from the same server that ingested the source, essentially the same way that Wowza Streaming Engine would function (if you’re familiar with that product).

So it is possible that on some browser/OS combinations the trial stream is causing an issue. I’ve not been able to reproduce this myself though.

The other reasons for CORS errors are when the Live Stream has not started, or nothing is being published to it, but I’m guessing when you were testing it was active.

Having a full Wowza Streaming Cloud subscription is obviously the way to go though if you’re looking at providing streams to more than a handful of people.

I hope this helps.



Hello Mac,

I’m a fully paying customer of Wowza Streaming Cloud and encountered this exact problem two weeks ago.

Another question to possible avoid this (please note I am a tech amateur so please respond accordingly)

Is there a difference between the compatibility with OS/browser of the ‘hosted page’ player and the ‘wowza player’ that you can embed in your website?

From my little experience I believe the ‘hosted player’ to be less reliable in terms of compatibility than the embedded ‘wowza player’ although haven’t tested this extensively.