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Streaming Cloud: Restrict Stream to 1 Domain

Is it possible to restrict live streams to play on our website only?

As it is now, we paste the Player Embed Code into our website. The problem is that anyone can easily view the source code, copy and paste the embed code, then put it into their own website.

Any way to prevent that?

Thank you!

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flip diving

It would be great to be able to have some security options in the cloud livestream player.

Domain protection and IP protection would be good.

Jimmy, I believe you can do IP protection using Token Authentication, but I agree domain protection would be great.

Thanks Brent, I will for sure look into this. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi again

both the Token and geo-blocking seems to be very usefull. But each time you make changes you have to contact support to make the changes count. Even if you use the API to make changes. Wowza, will this change at some point. We are planning on using wowza cloud for our customers, and make it, so they can change these settings them self through an interface, that connects to your API. But if we need to contact support each time then the customer experience will be really bad.