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Streaming engine for live video streaming mobile app like bigo live with react native


I’m working on developing a live video streaming mobile app like Bigo Live. I will be using react native for building the mobile app.

To be frank, I’m trying to choose a media server Evostream or wowza for this. My requirement is to video streaming with 20 concurrent broadcasters with 200 viewers for each broadcaster.

My comparision points are integration with react native, API, documentation, features, performance, quality etc. We would like the solution to be vertically scalable as horizontal scaling requires more licenses.

I would like to know if wowza supports the following:

  1. Live video streaming (multicast), multiple concurrent broadcast with multiple viewers for each broadcast

  2. Displaying animations, images, text overlay on the video

  3. API to get broadcast, view, get list of broadcasters, list of viewers for a broadcast

  4. Integration with react native

My requirement is: 20 concurrent broadcasts with avg of 100 viewers (720p or 360p) for each broadcast. We would like this to be vertically scalable. Is this achievable with one instance of streaming engine. What is the recommended hardware configuration for this requirement?

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