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Streaming Expert Spotlight: Remy Gardien

The Community Expert Spotlight will highlight forum members whose significant contributions designate leadership and advanced streaming experience.

Remy Gardien :star2::trophy:

Tell us about a streaming workflow your company specializes in.

WebinarGeek specializes in webinars, we have from day one been built as a webinar tool with powerful marketing tools and analytics. Our product is very suitable for things like software demos, lead generation, training and internal or external communication. We offer streaming solutions for live, automated (stream a recording as if it’s live) and on demand.

How long have you been in the video streaming industry?

I have been working in the video streaming industry since 2009, WebinarGeek has been around since 2015 and I joined here in 2017 to help make the transition to WebRTC.

What is the most important reason you use Wowza?

The ability to use Wowza as a platform to build upon, as well as the wide range of supported protocols and formats for ingest and output allow us to build a very versatile streaming platform and integrate with our own software.

What are your predictions for streaming trends in 2021?

This year we have seen the different number of use-cases for streaming expand drastically, more and more companies see added value in live and on demand streaming. My prediction is that this will only grow further in 2021, with more focus on more specialized needs such as deep integrations, payments and statistics.

Is your company or product focused primarily on video streaming?

Video streaming is at the core of what we do, but our added value is with the tools and analytics we offer to make that video stream a success. Recordings, payments, email campaigns, registration flows and processes, integrations with other platforms and video hosting.

If you’d like help with your streaming workflow, all of our 3rd party consultants can be contacted in our Hire a Consultant forum.

Consultants are video-streaming experts, but not affiliated with Wowza Media Systems.