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Streaming interrupted/new IP

I recently upgraded my services on SiteGround. However, now my streaming has been interrupted. The firewall with Wowza (where subdomain is pointed to) denied the connection. The IP address changed with the upgrade and they are saying I need to ask Wowza if they can “whitelist” connections from my IP. Can I do this manually?

And I cannot log in to my streaming engine manager. Here is what it says: Wowza Streaming Engine Manager could not connect to the Wowza Streaming Engine service(http://localhost:8087). Verify that the Wowza Streaming Engine service has started and is running.

I am hoping restarting the engine will help but I am not able to log in to do this.

Closing this since you fixed your problem by restarting your AWS server.

Problem fixed! Just had to restart my AWS server.