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Streaming lag, on our own server with Sling Studio Trial version

We are testing the software and have a trial version…we are having a few issues. First when the stream starts all is very good, however the longer the stream plays the lag between live and what is streamed gets more and more pronounced. Also after about 5 minutes the stream will lock up, you have to close the program kill the services, then restart everything…and it will work again for about 5 min.

We are using our own server, and trying to stream from SlingStudio.


A few issues issues can cause this.

  1. Your server does not meet our minimum hardware specifications. Those can be found in our article below.

  2. You are using Transcoder and it is overloaded. If that happens you will see SKIP1FRAME, SKIP2FRAME, SKIP4FRAME, KEYFRAMESONLY, or ALLFRAMESOFF in your wowzastreamingengine_access.log files. That signals that transcoder is overloaded and is skipping frames in an attempt to keep up with your live feed. This will affect playback of segmented content which may cause your clients to buffer or even disconnect from the live stream. This can fill the java heap rapidly which if that happens will cause Wowza Streaming Engine to restart.

We have an article on how to find the right hardware for your workflow. It can be found below.

Best practice is to make sure to have your encoder and Wowza Streaming Engine on physically different systems so that they do not interfere with each other.

How did you link the sling studio to wowza