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Streaming to both web and local users

i am trying to set up a system that will live stream to both web users and users at a remote site.

the remote site must consume a single stream and redistribute it to local users

i currently feed the cloud streaming engine with a rtsp feed. i am trying to have a remote site then consume a wowza stream somehow and redistribute it locally. the web users and the local users must have the same experience

how can i do this? i am technically adept, but have very little experience in this area.

  1. is wowza the correct solution for this scenario
  2. if so, how would i go about doing this.

the solution must be robust.

any help?

Set up a Wowza Server in your local site that receives the Live stream and distributes it to your local users. Set up a Wowza Server in your remote location.

Option 1 (requires public IP or NAT on remote site)

Push your stream from your local site with a Stream Target to your remote location (provided that the remote server can have a public IP or NAT with port 1935),

Option 2 (requires public IP or NAT on local site)

Let the remote site pull the stream from your local site via a “.stream” file (provided that your local site can have a public IP or NAT with port 1935)

Option 3 (SRT instead of RTMP or SRT, require public IP or NAT on remote site)

Set up your remote site as an SRT listener and use a Stream Target on the local site to push the stream over SRT (UDP) to the remote site

Option 4 (if neither side can use public IP or NAT)

Set up a Wowza Server or an Haivision SRT Gateway in the cloud (e.g. AWS) and push the stream from your local site to the cloud server/gateway, then let you your remote site pull that stream from the cloud server/gateway. Works with multiple protocols.

Last but not least; I would highly recommend considering SRT over RTMP, RTSP or other protocols. Better stability, lower latency, better security.

thank you.

is there a way to have the recipients player automagically choose between the local instance of wowza or the cloud based wowza cdn network?

we can provide a local viewer for the remote users, but are looking for a sollution that is a bit more elegant than that. can we register our remote instance with wowza in some way and have the magic happen there?

thanks in advance


Set up a local DNS server on each site with an A-record to the Wowza Server’s private IP address. Let the player connect to the hostname rather than the IP address and it’ll always connect to the local server regardless of which of the two locations you’re in.