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Streaming to HTML5 from wowza


Do you have any article explaining live streaming and vod to HTML5?

How can I use a Live stream with html5?


There are several tutorials for different kinds of live streaming here:

They each cover configuration and playback for iOS (Cupertino) streaming.

The html5 with video tag will be something like this:

  <title>Cupertino Streaming</title>
<video controls src="http://[wowza-address]:1935/live/mStream/playlist.m3u8">


We do have a preview of WebM (HTML5 support) here:

We have no definitive date as to when this will be available.


No, this won’t work in any of those browsers. This work in Safari on iOS devices mostly. The only desktop browser it works in is Safari on Mac OSX Snow Leopard or higher.


Streaming to desktop browsers using Wowza requires Flash or Silverlight plugin.


There is no short-term plan to support html video tag in other browsers.


If you are referring to Cupertino streaming, only the only desktop browser that is supported is Safari on Mac OSX Snow Leopard or higher. vod and live both work.


First, why bother with StreamNameAlias in this case? If you are publishing a stream named “myStream.sdp”, play that stream.

If you are using push encoder (eg fmle), you don’t need to use StreamManager. The stream alias map files run when you use StreamManager. You can use play alias map file.

Also, the StreamNameAlias system resolves the first match in an alias map file. You have two “mStream” rules, the 2nd one is unreachable.

I don’t understand the last rule in your stream alias map file.


First remove the StreamNameAlias package.

In your encoder, make sure you have select Format h.264, then click little wrench icon next to format and select Baseline 3 profile. If MP3 audio, make it Stereo 44100Hz.

Make the Stream name “myStream.sdp”

Configure an a live application following this tutorial, and make sure you follow the Cupertino configuration steps:

Then test in Flash with Wowza example LiveVideoStreaming:

Server: rtmp://[wowza-address]:1935/live

Stream: myStream.sdp

Then test in iOS device.


Great. Thanks for the update


You can’t use “localhost”, it has to be the IP or domain name of the server running Wowza.


It is same at present, limited to iOS and Safari on Mac


Any updates for this? (wowza server 2/3)

The only way to use html5 video tag for streaming is to use iOS devices or safari on mac? It’s not possible on windows at all?

going to test this on my mbp

Thanks Richard. So,this will enable the folks using firefox4,google chrome and IE9 to view live/recorded streams without any Flash plugin right?

Then,how do I stream to those browsers ?

Youtube seems to have this html5 working on their site.I was able to see videos without the flash plugin. How do I enable similar functionality using wowza?

Does wowza plan to support html5 for browsers in the future?

If so,is there a beta version available which I can try?


Thank you Charlie. That really gives me some hopes. But, I’m eagerly waiting for that to get released :slight_smile:


Are you using the StreamNameAlias module? StreamNameAlias: Simple & powerful stream name alias module

The alias names are set in alias txt files not in Application.xml.

That is correct. There’s some discussion here: Live streaming and HTML5

And here: HTML5 Support for video playback