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streaming video with wowza

hey all,

i’ve been reading through a lot of documentation from AWS regarding how to properly stream live media. I’ve settled with using a Wowza server as an http origin for content which will be distributed through cloudfront. Seems straightforward. I’m relatively new to streaming live media so I was hoping somebody here might have some infrastructure pointers.

  • what is the preferred method for scaling? Should I have a single server behind cloudfront, should I have a single origin server that streams to ‘slaves’ which in turn propagate to cloudfront.
  • Cloudfront takes 15 minutes to propagate, do I need a buffer greater than 15 minutes on the server to accomidate this?

I’ve seen other methods like using HLS with chunking in S3 but that seemed dodgy. Anyhow, any pointers or hints of pitfalls would be greatly appreciated!

Looking into this for you and will post very soon…

Here is a FAQ Amazon/EC2 CloudFront document that may help you @ChristopherNathan ChristopherNathan: