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Streaming VOD on Local Network


We need to created VOD(stored files) service on local network with not internet, We may have around 500 user watching these video. Can we do this on ubuntu system? Which service should I take? Do I need to do video conversion before it available for streaming? What will be the pricing?


We do have a self-hosted player you can use for this scenario @Pradeep Singh:

Our regular player and the local network player are free to use if you have an Engine or Cloud account (including trials).

Hi, I need to download the latest version of the selfhost files, but that link no longer exists.

Where can I download the latest self-host files for the wowza player?

I know that it will be sunset, but I need to update my clients current player without having to go through the trouble of changing over to a totally different player.

Hi @John_Cody I don’t have access to that and we don’t have a public link where you can download that. I do see you are working with tech support on this and they will assist you with this request. Thanks.