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streams stopping, and not restarting with wowza player?

Hey Guys!

My apologies if this is a dump post.

I’m a complete noobie, and have spent many hours reading articles and getting a stream up and running.

Just a bit of info: I’m using the wowza trial account, and access it through alongside wirecast.

My streams are of really good quality, no buffering issues or anything. My source is coming from a line with 50mbps upload, so speed doesn’t seem to be the issue.

But when I playback my own stream in either the wowza generated html page, or using the embed codes on my own, sometimes the player stops mid stream. It doesn’t buffer or restart, just stops completely.

Pressing any buttons on the player does nothing, and I’m forced to re-load the page (F5) and then the stream works fine again.

On the wirecast side of things, it’s maintaining a good connection and I can see the data being transferred to wowza with no issues.

So far I’ve only used Chrome, so I’m not sure if it’s browser related or not. I hope to test some other browsers but to be honest, I’m still on the free trial plan and watching streams for extended periods of time to check stability is not really an option :frowning:

Just thought I’d check here to see if anyone else has seen similar problems?

Should I change players? (I’d rather not, I really love the ability to change bitrates in the wowza player)

HI there, I’m getting the same issue. I have loads of bandwidth.

Using JW Player, I’m not getting any stoppage. But with Wowza Player - yes, it stops often.

Additionally, I noticed something else.

When a livestream is NOT playing, both JW player and WOWZA player do not play (this is a no-brainer)

When I start the livestream, JW player simply needs a click on the player to start. WOWZA player needs a refresh of the whole webpage to start. Can something be done to config WOWZA player to require only a click on the player to start?


Thanks for contacting Wowza Forums!

To find out the root cause of your issues, we would need to look at your logs. If you you could open a ticket HERE and include the following information:

Hello Max

Can you provide the following information and this will help me determine where the issue is?

Your logs in a .zip file, located here: [install-dir]/logs

Your conf folder in a .zip file, located here: [install-dir]/conf

Helpful Article on creating a .zip file: