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streamSchedule.smil and varying video resolutions


I have a question that may be quick, it may not. We have a live stream set up that is being fed by static .mp4s located on the wowza server content directory. Typically this doesn’t seem to be a problem with most of our videos following one after another in sequence as it would be expected. The issue we run into is that whenever a video has a resolution with a frame width of 720 it seems to cause an error in the stream - the video will play, but only audio. I have gone into the engine manager application, and “tested players” and called up the few files we know this is happening with and was able to reproduce the no video only audio problem. Would this maybe have something to do with the way the files are encoded perhaps? From what I can tell it’s all pretty standard baseline encoding but I could be wrong. I was also wondering if switching resolutions between videos may be an issue?

Any help would be appreciated.

This does sound like an encoding issue. You can check the codec information of the problem files in VLC.

Play the files in VLC and look at Tools > Codec Info. Make sure the video codecs are supported.

Also, depending on the player, it may be a player issue. You can test in Flash player, stop and re-start the stream in Flash player, does playback work?

It is possible it is a profile mismatch issue as well, maybe a Main or High profile following a Baseline profile.

This guide explains how to re-encode video on demand content:

How to encode video on demand content


Sorry, my wording was inaccurate, This would not be a player issue, it would be an issue with an encoding mismatch that certain players do not handle as well as others.


That’s great. Thanks for the update and glad to hear you got it working.


It ended up being an encoding issue. Some of the files ended up with the handler information at the back of the file instead of the front which was causing all sorts of weird issues. I just encoded the files with premiere again to our profile and they all worked fine. Thanks for your reply.