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SubRip Closed Caption Files Not Working For VOD?

We have closed captioning working fine in our WSE implementations for VTT files, but for some reason cannot get them to work the same work with SRT files? The closed caption type is enabled and present in the VHost XML file, but it is not being recognized. Can someone please shoot me an idea as to how to troubleshoot further. Thanks!

Hi Rich, I’m checking for you. Which version of Engine and what player are you using?

VHost.xml does not have settings for captions. Are you able to break it down to see if you can get them to work by itself?

For example: Test WebVTT- does it work? Then test with SRT subtitles with an SRT sidecar file to see if it shows subtitles.

The only way tech support can truly troubleshoot this is through a support ticket so they can review your complete configuration and logs, but I hope my suggestion helps in the meantime.

Sorry to delayed response! I am still not sure what the issue is, but I was able to find another example on the internet (video and .srt file) and they work fine in all 3 of our implementations. The head scratcher is that I don’t know what is wrong with the files supplied by the previous user. AKA I can not tell why they are not working, formatting all looks fine, etc, etc. At any rate, I am going to close this out, thanks so much!

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Streaming issues can be a head scratcher sometimes for sure I know. Things won’t work one second, but will work fine when you reload for example. Glad you got it to work!