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Sudden stream drops


In the stream monitor I implemented in the custom module, I’m measuring FPS and KF rate using the following IMediaStreamH264SEINotify (SEIListener) listener:

IMediaStreamH264SEINotify seiListener = new SEIListener(this);


Basically counting how many video frames I get per second and of these how often there is a KF.

My rules being that if there are no video frames coming in for 3 consecutive seconds OR FPS<3 for 10 seconds the stream is dropped.

It seems that this is happening way too often.

Streams with decent and good FPS all of a sudden drop to 0 or no more video frames come in.

Do you have any insight why this might be happening?



Some more insight from my end:

  1. It seems that with flash which is using rtmp to broadcast it happens much more often (~30%)

  2. From iOS however which uses rtsp it happens much much less, and is probably correct behavior (~6%)