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switch stream sources

I would like to write a webinar application with several speakers and a moderator should be able to select a speaker (=stream) that is translated now.

So what I need is to have a stream that anyone will connect to, a set of streams that speakers will publish to and a way to switch the source.

I’m quite new to Wowza (but not to the java development :)). Can anyone point to what I should start with to implement that server module?

Many thanks in advance.


A quick and simple method would be to code the switching of streams within a web page using Javascript and JW Player. An array of buttons with onclick actions to call jwplayer().load with the name of the stream would then switch what’s currently being viewed in the player.

From a programatic perspective, I’d investigate Stream Class Streams as a starter.

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Thank you for your reply. Client-side switching won’t work for me, because I need a way to reliably switch all clients at the same time. I’d investigate Stream Class.