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Teracue ENC-300: maximum RTMP live stream bitrate without freezing is 400kbps

Hi there,

I´m trying to set up a live stream with a Teracue ENC-300 and Wowza.
My settings are as follows:
encoder: Teracue ENC-300
protocol: RTMP to Wowza
stream: baseline

At Wowzas side, I want to watch the stream with a Flash Player.
I tried the build-in Flash player at Wowza and another player.
But at both players, the video is freezing every 5-7 seconds if the bitrate is above 400kbps.

Is this normal? Is the maximum bitrate for a RTMP live stream 400kbps or is there another problem?

thanks in advance

With Cloud we have a video max of 700kbps, but not with Engine. It may be that Teracue has a max bitrate they allow.

Have you tried changing to Main just to see what happens above the 400kbps? Also, did you experiment with changing the frame rate to about 30? And reduce the audio bitrate? It can be so tough with different variables like your bandwidth to determine the cause.

You may need to submit a support ticket to truly resolve it. I’d check first and see what the recommended video bitrate is with that encoder. I don’t have that for you unfortunately.