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Teradek 755 HEVC SRT to Wowza streaming Engine

Good day guys,

We have just updated to a Teradeck 755 cube to benefit from Hevc

We had our old cubes setup h264 great however I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how to setup.

I’m told by Teradexk that we can use SRT to get this up.

However, the settings on both sides are confusing

On the wowza size, I understand you have to setup Stream Files

you create a Stream name I get that

ANd Stream URI goes something like srt://

Not the port stumps me here

Let’s jump over to teradeck

The first thing confusing they’re is HEVC has two Connection types.

Listener & Caller

Which one should I use?

Listener just has one port and that’s all

Caller we have

Host IP assuming this is the wowza server IP

Port I assume is wowza port 1935 ? not totally sure about this

And source port what should this be. My thought is this should match the one on the Stream URI setting on wowza?

It sucks that Wowza support has a 2 day turn around time. They should include better service at the beginning when setting up.


Thanks for the response.

I think I was trying this and couldn’t get it working

It just makes me wonder if it’s me or a bug.

Assuming we are using

Wowza Streaming Engine - OSX version 4.8

Wowza server port 1935

File server: srt://

On Cube 755 Setting

Codec: HEVC

Mode: SRT

COnnection Type: Caller


Port: 10001

Source Port: 10001

Encryption: Disabled

What am I missing here?


Hi Thomas. The Cube will be the SRT Caller; whereas Wowza will be listening for incoming traffic.

For the port on the Cube, you’ll need to set the port number that you’ve configured in the .stream file in the Wowza Streaming Engine. SRT uses UDP, and you could e.g. set the URL in the stream file to srt://, then in on the Cube, use the same port number.

Remember to open that port for UDP traffic on the firewall (if any)

PS: Wowza’s has free support with 48-hr response time; if you want faster response you can sign-up for a support plan ( - fair thing, IMO. Or, of course, you can use the forums - as you did - or join Wowza’s Slack community via

  • Are your Wowza server and the Cube on the same local network;

  • Have you started the .stream file so that Wowza is listening on that port?

  • Any message in the Wowza logs?

Disclaimer: I’m not a Wowza employee, nor financially compensated for my contribution. I run an independent Consultancy firm where we work a lot with Wowza’s products and services, and I’m happy to help when/where I can.

Some answers.

Yes, they are on the same network.

Yes, I have started the stream on the cube and have it set to autostart and restart.

I did start the .stream in Wowza and in the incoming streams I can see it saying waiting for the stream