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test streams

do you have various test streams i can try in my player / app ?

Hi bobmane,

A web page to test different player technology:

A mobile page with direct links (URIs):

There are two sets of video files, one for desktop and the other for mobile streaming, in the vod tutorial:

Scroll to about the middle.


where are the direct

 links i can paste in my app to test it?

ok but to be clear this is one low rez video with small frame size?

meaning it will load into a player but if it is called into a player with normal web frame dimensions it will be low rez / distorted

hey many thanks

You can replace “rtsp” with “rtmp” in the mobile link.

Here ya go, bobmane! Don’t say I never did anything for ya, ok? :wink: I’ll post a suggestion about having these included on the demo page.