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Test Your Encoder Settings Before You Go Live

Testing your encoding setup

After you’ve configured your encoder, test your setup to make sure that your live event runs smoothly. Wowza’s standard technical support plan offers a 48-hour turnaround during business hours so make sure to test your entire setup at least three business days before your event . Testing your end-to-end setup a week ahead is even better, as it allows you time to troubleshoot and fix problems. To test your entire setup:

  • Run the primary and backup encoders with a test stream for at least 30 minutes each.

  • Preview the stream using a test player on all kinds of screens and devices.

  • View the stream on your Wowza Streaming Cloud hosted page, if you have a Cloud license.

  • View the stream on external players and websites, if you’re using them.

  • If you’re recording, check that the recording captures supported audio and video as expected.

It’s also a good idea, on the day of the event, to make sure your video source is ready to stream at least two hours before the scheduled start time, and to start the video source at least 15 minutes before the event begins.

There are additional support plans you can upgrade to, including live event support where we actively monitor the stream health, but the takeaway here is TEST, TEST, TEST as much as possible so you can be aware of any potential issues before the time of the event.