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TextStream in Smil

As per documentation if anything specified in Smil file, it takes the highest priority.

I have a smil file named “F97DB162.smil” and it has an entry as below.

Q1. Can we specify the src as “F97DB162.ttml” (with extension) instead of “F97DB162” (no extension).

Q2. If there is a src specified in smil file under textStream tag does it mean that it will consider F97DB162 named files for close captioning.

Q3. I have seen the wowza logs and it looks like if the smil file contains multiple stream tags, it checks the default stream named caption file. I don’t see its considering the textStream src specified in smil file.

The URL I used to test was as follows :


Later when I specified the name of ttml file from the client end as a part of url it worked correctly.


I want to understand, under which circumstances the textStream src is used and under which circumstances the languages specified as a part of textStream tag are used.

Q4. If ttml file has english, french and dutch language and the textStream specifies only english language. Will it give higher preference to the language specified in smil file or it will always take the language which is specified as a part of url (wowzacaptionlanguages).




For Q1-Q2 you should include the file extension for the cc file in the src and the texstream declaration should take precedence over any local cc files that match the asset. For Q3-Q4, please zip up your conf/ and logs/ (including your .smil file) and send it to for further review. Be sure to include a reference to this thread.