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the host address is missing or invalid

hey there

I’m facing the above error, I have configured the server and stepped the Source Connection Information in the android sample.

I use the wowza android sdk sample but when trying on mobile always get this error

the host address is missing or invalid

please help me and guide me how to solve this problem

Thanks for sharing the screenshots @Abdulrahman Rudwan.

The problem is in the host address settings for the SDK you entered the rtmp:// part of the whole host address. I know it seems that you enter the entire thing, but you only enter the

Try that and let me know if that works for you. Just remove the rtmp:// part and it should work.

Thanks Rose for your reply and support.

I tried to modify the url and flowed the official documentation

you can find my code here Wowza Sample app on gitlab

but I still face the same issue

can you please review my code and guide me how to resolve this issue


Hello @Abdulrahman Rudwan

For security reasons of protecting your Wowza Streaming Cloud live stream info, I would recommend deleting your live stream and creating a new one.

Then forward on your updated screenshots and code within a Wowza support ticket here:

Looking forward to resolving this connection issue within a support ticket!