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This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 102630)

How to solve this…?

You can find out what the error 102630 means in the article below.

Depending upon the version of JW Player you are using, they may no longer support RTMP. Your URL would look as follows.


Below is JW Players configuration reference page. They have depreciated RTMP support for version 8.

Also note that Adobe is ending support for their Flash Player at the end of 2020 as mentioned in their article below.

Thank you!

Rachel, if you need both of rtmp & hls for some reason ( like rtmp live playback latency less than hls latency ) you need to allow flash player in your browser . In chrome click info button , then click settings button and allow flash.

Also you need to define your source in jw player like

“sources”: [ {fileType: ‘rtmp’,file: ‘rtmp://ip/test/test’}, {fileType: ‘m3u8’,file: ‘http:/ip:1935/test/test/playlist.m3u8’}

Kevin Moore’s answer should be marked as the best answer.

The error is not caused by player support in the browser - the Best Answer above is incorrect.

As per the documentation, error 102630 is due to an empty playlist being selected, so the media file is linked to incorrectly or is missing in the source, It is not the client browser at fault.

Read and scroll down to the “Empty Playlist” section and read the details on error 102630

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Thank you for clarifying this!!