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Timecode out of order ( rtmp publish to hls )

I’m using RTMP encoder (based on librtmp) for publish my stream.

After about 4 hours, my stream is stuck, and I find below log message.


2018-02-10 20:13:43 CupertinoPacketHandler.handlePacket[ad2/definst/ad2]: Timecode out of order [video]: curr:17936469 last:4312903748 diff:-4294967279 maxTimecodeGap:-1


17936469 is 25bit number and 4312903748 is 33bit number.

Max digit of RTMP timestamp is 32bit, so encoder cannot sent 33 bit timestamp.

But log says that 25bit timestamp is received after 33 bit timestamp.

After cutting most 8 bit, There is a 17 difference between the two timestamps.

172936469 --> 0 00000001 00010001 10110000 01010101

4312903748 --> 1 00000001 00010001 10110000 01000100

I cannot understand why above gap is occurred.

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