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Transcode 576i50 ts for viewing via HLS

Using the ‘:latest’ version of Media Streaming Engine running on Ubuntu 17.04 via a Docker container.

I am sending a Live MPEG2-ts with H.264 interlaced VBR video at 576i50 resolution (that does NOT contain any audio) to Wowza MSE. By configuring a few settings, I can view the Wowza MSE output stream using AppleHLS via ffplay:


That’s all fine.

Now, the goal is to scale/transcode the video to say a quarter res (and convert to progressive) to view via an HTML5-compatible browser like Chrome. I have enabled the transcoder and enabled the ‘Transcode’ profile, but I can’t see quite understand how to access this transcoded stream via HLS. What is the URI?

I’ve read numerous tutorials and tried enabling SMIL too, but to no avail. Any tips would be much appreciated…