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Transcoder settings


I configured a livestream for an event this friday.

After setup I modified a little on transcoder settings:

So I deleted the 854x480 output and reduced the bitrate of the 640x360 output and changed profile to baseline.

I then changed stream name of the 640x360 output that it matches the total bitrate… for example: e2438f33_1_896@457398 for a 768-128 output.

And then it did the same for the auto generated Passtrough-Passtrough output (changing the stream name that it matches the bitrate of my input stream in the future). But after that it changes the total bitrate in the stream name from e2438f33_1_1408@457398 to e2438f33_1_0@457398 and I cannot change this to any type of number other than 0.

Additionally the “Outbound Bitrate: configured” in transcoder overview shows a false bitrate (I think its the sum of the old bitrates in transcoder settings?).

I wanted to ask you if this will be a problem for my livestream on friday? Could this affect the viewers or the embedded player?

Thank you,



Would be great if someone from Wowza Support could assist.

Thank you


Sorry for my monologue… :slight_smile:

But I think I can partially answer the questions myself.

I had a look at the HLS URL of my stream and checked the .m3u8 manifest. Here I can see every rendition with a appropriate bitrate, even the Passtrough-Passtrough variant.

Hello Mac,

thank you. Yes, I have tested my new settings as good as possible and it should be all ready for friday… :wink:


Hello Philipp,

what is a bug and will be fixed?

“Outbound Bitrate: configured” or 0 in Passthrough-Passtrough stream name or both?

I also found another bug in unique users, but for this I submitted a support ticket.

I like the streaming cloud, I think it’s a very proffesional and solid solution for Livestreams, but it makes me a little bit nervous how many bugs alone I have found.




You should be fine for your event on Friday, however, we would always suggest a rigorous test of the new settings if you choose to customize the transcoder settings differently than what we have pre-configured.

If you have additional questions regarding the Wowza Cloud event coming up, please feel free to submit a request from your account portal, under the Cloud tab.




thanks for reporting this bug.

We will fix it very soon.

Thanks Philipp

Dont worry, it is just cosmetics.

Thanks Philipp