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transcoderthumbnail with application instance

the transcoder and transcoderthumbnail does work just fin … but ONLY if the instance is definst

none of the documentation refers to the format how to adress a custom instance to get a thumb of a live stream.

log shows like this LiveStreamPacketizerPacketHandler.handlePacket[live/cbav/cbav_1024_lo

application = live

instance = cbav

stream = cbav_1024_lo

i try all variations adding instance to stream and/or application … neither works … always empty response and error log show stream not found

Hello there.

An Application.xml file defines the configuration that you set up in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager for a given application. An application instance is an instantiation of an application and provides a namespace and context for streaming. An application instance is started dynamically and a single application can have multiple named application instances running simultaneously. If no name is specified for an application instance, then the default name (definst) is used. In many streaming scenarios, a single application instance is used per- application and the name is never referenced and defaults to definst. It’s more common to use multiple application instances in video chat and video conferencing scenarios where you must create multiple rooms for streaming. In this case, application instances are used to separate streaming into rooms. Each room is a separate application instance, which provides separation and a namespace for each room.

You define the application instance when publishing a live stream:


You don’t create application instances anywhere else in configuration files.

Is it possible that “cbav” is a subfolder of “live”? That might be the problem here.



Hello there.

You don’t create application instances anywhere else in configuration files.

Is it possible that “cbav” is a subfolder of “live”? That might be the problem here.

actually the production is still running on a wowza3 server

i updated the licenses and installed a new wowza4 on a new server

so iam 101% sure that there has been ZERO change to the live-application

the configuration (which runns on a remote server) has in the configuration

ip,application,instance (i did not change anything in the settings besides the IP)

here is a rtmp i just grab from the enginemanager


the names do reflect 1:1 the settings made in the remote application

where the application is “live”

the instance is cbav

and the stream is pc_eDoppYEJWV_localhost_litt_vaUZUudW

it works perfectly in the player … as users do really use it …

i just have no way in adding a instance to the transcoderthumbnail API call

like this:




none works … (i also try to urlencode the slash … same result) … its always a blank page

if i make exactly the same call on a stream via the same server in the same application but without instance (definst) … it works flawless …

Please revisit this guide(If this is what you are doing):

after playing arround with the working stream … i found the proper format (no its nowhere mentioned in the manuals!)



but for some reason even with the proper tested format … the server does not create the thumbnail for my application streams … but does it just perfectly for others i manually added.

strangely the server also not mentions anything in the server logs

it just returns a empty page and the log has zero activity.

is there a way to debug this on the fly somehow ?

Please revisit this guide(If this is what you are doing):

How to get thumbnail images from Wowza Transcoder with an HTTP Provider

The format of the url is:

http://[wowza-ip-address]:8086/transcoderthumbnail?application=[application-name]&streamname=[stream-name]&format=[jpeg or png]&size=[widthxheight]




I am revisiting this thread, and after reading through this a few times I need to ask that you verify that the Transcoder is enabled on your application streams, this is the only logical explanation for the thumbnails to be created when following the guide, but they are not created on your existing applications.

This assumes that in your last statement you are saying that when you follow the guide that has been mentioned previously that the application created using the guide is the one that is creating the thumbnails.

I apologize that this issue has been frustrating, and I do want to help you resolve this issue.

If you still need assistance with this issue and you have a Maintenance and Support contract you can submit a ticket direct assistance from our Support Team here:


Jason Hatchett