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Transcoding errors stopping stream

I’ve been getting some transcoder errors that are causing the stream to completely stop requiring a restart of the application. It seems to happen at random, on one occasion it has happened twice in a 24 hour period, and another it went about a week before having any issues.

I use Wowza to stream nearly 24/7, so its kind of a bad time when it conks out. Below are the errors I found the last time it happened.

2019-08-30 19:58:09 comment server TranscoderSessionVideo.addPacket[defaultVHost:fastly/definst/stream] Video packet list is full: size:7200 limit:7200 x-duration: 535985.746

2019-08-30 20:12:08 comment server TranscodingSession.close[fastly/definst/stream] Timeout waiting for transcoder workers to shutdown: 3000

2019-08-30 20:12:08 comment server TranscodingSession.close[fastly/definst/stream] Stuck worker: defaultVHost:fastly/definst/stream

2019-08-30 20:12:12 comment server CupertinoPacketHandler.handleHolder [fastly/definst/stream] Ending the current a+v chunk although the chunk does not start with a video keyframe

2019-08-30 20:14:08 comment server[fastly/definst/stream]: Delayed shutdown failed. Over time limit: 120000 x-duration: 536945.148

2019-08-30 20:14:08 comment server[fastly/definst/stream] Stuck worker: defaultVHost:fastly/definst/stream x-duration: 536945.148

Anyone encounter anything like this before?

This really looks like a capacity / overload problem. Is the CPU or GPU of that server running at max?

Nope, at least not according to the Wowza dashboard thing. Server is CPU only and stays right around 30%.