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Transmuxing vs transcoding

I have a question regarding transmuxing vs transcoding in regards to a live stream. I know I get transmuxing for live streams using the Wowza playing via HLS, my question would adding transcoding be an addition benefit, or what are the benefits of transcoding I don’t get with transmuxing?


When transmuxing you only change the way that video and audio packets are organized, eg. in HLS stream they are organized in MPEG-TS containers, in DASH in fMP4 containters, in RTMP.

If you want to change the video/audio itself you have to transcode the stream, eg. changing video frame size (resolution), frames per second, video bitrate, audio volume, audio sampling frequency, audio channels number, and so on, you have to transcode the input stream.

Transcoding is much more CPU intensive than transmuxing.

Thanks for the information I wasn’t looking at the “transformation” / changing the stream as you described.