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Trial Edition License Error - Says Key is Wrong Version (4)

I just signed up for the trial edition, and upon installation the program says I have the wrong key for the version of software I’m trying to install.

Please advise.

Thank you.


The screenshot your presented does not show your Trial license key.

Can you please open a support ticket by sending an email to from the email address you have used when registering for the trial license key.

In addition to the description of the issue you are facing, please specify in the email message the license key you are using with your installation.


I have the same problem, and am getting the same error. My tiral key is:


And I am trying to install the linux 32-bit installable.

HI Admin,
I regis trial but i can’t login with key your sent.
Plz help

Is there a space at the front of your license key? Make sure you remove that.

If you continue to have issues, please email to have them verify that your license key is active and valid.