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Trouble about setting up Low Latency with HTTP Live Origin

I want to use Low Latency Streaming on Wowza with my BYO CDN so I’ve just started setting up Wowza Streaming Engine referring this page “Deliver Low-Latency HLS live streams using Wowza Streaming Engine”.

My version is 4.8.17 on windows server 2019, and license is ‘One Month of Streaming’.

This page said this;

[Configure a live application to deliver LL-HLS streams]
To connect to a CDN edge, such as the Fastly CDN, that can pull streams from the Wowza Streaming Engine origin application, use the Live HTTP Origin application type.

Howerver, on Live HTTP Origin Application, I could not see ‘Low-latency stream (ideal for chat applications)’ option which is shown on ‘Live Single Server or Origin’ Application.

Is there a configuration I need to enable it?
I’ve already done the configuration changes (which are described in ‘Enable LL-HLS in Wowza Streaming Engine XML’ section)in Application.xml.

That option only affects RTMP and has nothing to do with LL-HLS. It just configures some buffers and intervals. The instructions from the article that you mentioned should be enough to use LL-HLS. Remember that LL-HLS requires SSL to be configured; so the prerequisite that is mentioned at the start of that article is imperative.

PS: @Rose_Power-Wowza_Com, it’s about time that this property is renamed or removed.