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Troubleshoot inconsistent bitrates streaming RTMP to Wowza

I am using Ffmpeg to stream to Wowza streaming engine and can typically get 12000 Kbps RTMP streams working from most locations to our WSE boxes on Google Could Platform. We have found one specific location where the bitrate varies considerably at different days/times of day. Sometimes we can connect at 12000 Kbps, sometimes only 500 Kbps! We know this site has a 300 Mbps dedicated fiber line, so it shouldn’t be the site’s network, but in reality we are seeing variability in the connection speeds. What is the best way to troubleshoot this kind of issue?

Hmm well if you are confident that the fiber line at the location is fine then it could be that the connectivity between your end and the location goes through intermediate hardware/hops ?

Try to do samples bandwidth test from two or three different locations points to the location in question and see how much differences you see.