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Troubleshooting live streaming issues

Add the following property to the Streams/Properties in [install-dir]/conf/[application]/Application.xml (be sure to get the correct properties container - there are several in Application.xml):



Hi there, I too am getting audio about half-a-second prior to video. Tried this post. Using wirecast on the flash low bandwidth, viewing using adobes opem source media player. Any idea how to set a fixed audio delay? Doesn’t seem to drift.

It looks like you might be using a very, very old base Application.xml file. You may want to install a fresh copy of 2.1.2 and use the most update to date Application.xml from the [install-dir]/conf folder. The Streams section should look like this:

	<!-- LiveStreamPacketizers (separate with commas): cupertinostreamingpacketizer, smoothstreamingpacketizer, cupertinostreamingrepeater, smoothstreamingrepeater -->
	<!-- Properties defined here will override any properties defined in conf/Streams.xml for any streams types loaded by this application -->


Try Video Format “h.264” with mp3, and set Channels to “stereo”, and try Sample rates “44100” or “22050”

Wirecast includes AAC without a plugin, so that’s a plus.

Using the Flash encoder will probably not have audio sync problems, but it’s not the greatest encoder, in fact it’s probably the worst.



There is a delay parameter in the Application.xml - Let me dig it up and get back to you. I used that when I was using wirecast (back before it did native RTMP).

I thought it was an RTSP thing myself, but it could well be a Wirecast thing. Last I checked, Wirecast used quicktime’s h.264 encoder, and I wasn’t especially impressed with it.

I’m still trying to find where that parameter is. I got it from Charlie a while back, and it’s moderately obscure.

Thanks, Charlie! I thought it was called “AudioDelay”, no wonder I couldn’t find it !


Are you using MainConcept’s AAC plugin? If so, make sure you’re on 1.0.6 - it seems to be solving my audio sync issues.

Can this audioLag be used in conjunction with the other video and audio out of sync properties?


My application has as below:


How would the properties be added to this? Around whats there or another with property inside it?



Found the last questions just need to know answer to previous.


Finding weird things as well. Using FMLE to send stream to wowza, have all the settings described here, but it seems that audio was about 2 seconds before video. I checked it by recording on the origin server and watching the edge stream and they were off the same amount. So it looks like it is coming from FMLE but not sure if there is a hidden setting or something in FMLE to sync this. Is the Audiolag in ms? Any ideas about FMLE? Would the embedded flash encoder give better results then FMLE? the funny part is that the video and the audio were amazing, no problems at all other then the audio being early.

Seems weird.

Not using any plugin. Using FMLE 3.1 with VP6 and MP3. Seems to change with some settings, but seems to drift. Do you think we could get better results using the Embedded flash encoder using a flex app? Just seem to be getting unstable results from FMLE? Is wirecast any better? Just need a good encoder to use.


Cheers. I’ll RTFM in the meantime, but i recall seeing it around these foums but cant find it anymore. Bit odd really, is that a general hitch with wirecast eh.

Well thats interesting, it was a 750ms delay… Now to leave it running overnight and see if it drifts :wink: Seems to have fixed in the short term, thanks.

So yes, after much testing it seems things are now in-sync, but drifting horribly over time. I mean without 10 minutes the stream is up to 3 minutes out.

I dont think its wirecast, because we simultaneously stream to ustream, and their stream is fine. I dont think its my flash player, because if you refresh the object, the stream is still “out”, or if someone else loads the page for the first time x minutes in it’s out for them too.

Might start over. Getting frustrating though hehe.