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Trying to stream from LiveU Central via Wowza


I’m trying to use the streaming feature in LiveU Central to connect to Wowza, I’ve configured the encoder on LiveU Central, but for some reason can’t get it to show on incoming streams.

Has anyone got any experience of this and would be able to offer any advice?

Do you have an authentication options in your LiveU source? Need to align the RTMP username and password with your Wowza Streaming Engine credentials, which are located in [install-dir]/admin.password or publish.password (your Wowza Streaming Engine Manger login will work, to keep it simple). As an alternative, you may also disable RTMP authentication by selecting Source Security from your live application page, and restarting the application (when prompted), which is also in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager.

If the changes that Tim Dougherty does not fully resolve this issue for you @Callum Denning, submit a ticket and we can run some tests on your setup from the encoder to Wowza.