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Trying to understand Closed Captions on ULL streams

Hi, I have an art educational stream and just got a new hearing impaired student so I am trying to figure out closed captioning. I am streaming ULL with OBS, which can generate and send CCs via RMTP.

I use the Wowza player embedded on my site, but I am reading that it doesn’t support CCs and I will need to acquire a 3rd party player. Before I spend any more money I need to confirm that sending CCs from my OBS over RMPT will in fact do the trick.

Another question is, is there any way to record the CCs using Wowza, so I can export and upload to my VOD system after the fact?

I tried burning open captions into my broadcast but I’m not a fan how rigid it is. I would like my users to have the option to turn them off.

I have searched through a ton of documentation and am still confused, since their are years worth of articles online and have been lots of changes in the last few years.

Hi @Stephen Gunn, happy to help you out here. Let me verify the workflow with tech support and I will post again shortly.

You are asking about Wowza Streaming Engine correct and not Streaming Cloud?

I believe I use the ULL Cloud.

You will unfortunately not be able to use captions in a ULL stream @Stephen Gunn because the ULL workflow requires the Wowza Player which supports the proprietary WOWZ protocol used in ULL. And at this time, the Wowza Player doesn’t support closed captions.

So, your option is to use the transcoder in Wowza Streaming Cloud with a non-ULL stream and enable closed captions.

I’m sorry about this and if you need to discuss your account needs since you can’t use ULL for this, please send an email to to discuss your account options.