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TS with ETSI EN 300 743 subtitles to VOD conversion

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to figure out is it possible what tools do you use for preparing VOD content with subtitles.

I got a MPEG-TS which contains H264 video stream, MPEG2 audio stream, and ETSI EN 300 743 subtitles stream.

all of these are recorded into .ts file.

What i need is to prepare a VOD content from this. so basically I need to transcode it to MP4 container - but what about subtitles? Wowza needs srt file assigned to mp4 video file. is there an easy way to create it ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi starstv, and welcome to the Wowza forum!

Wowza does support different subtitle formats besides SRT (TTML, embedded 3GPP or CEA-608, WebVTT and SCC). You would have to convert your DVB subtitles into one of these formats. There are some tools that extract DVB subtitles and converts them into other formats. However, we do not have a partner vendor that we have tested with and can recommend.