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Unable to play sample vod on IOS


I’m new to Wowza and was trying out some basic features. I followed the video on playing vod contents, as well as this article on playing vod content on IOS:

I have no problem playing the test video in the test player. I emailed the mobile IOS link to my iphone (6s) but nothing loads on safari. Using the same link on my macbook’s quicktime works though.


  • I’m not able to hit http://[serverip]:1935/serverinfo from my iphone that’s connected to the same WIFI network

  • Have added a port forwarding service on my router. IP address pointed to my mac’s IP which is running the streaming server

  • Also having connection error when trying to stream live video from my iphone. Added credentials for source authentication to match the source added on Wowza streaming engine manager -> server -> source authentication