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Unable to stream mp4s via vods3 app on Wowza EC2 AMI

Good Afternoon,
I’m building a dev test server based on our production Wowza setup (which is licensed). Spun up the official BYOL Wowza Amazon Linux EC2 T3 small instance with a trial license.

I can stream the sample mp4 with the vod app via the public IP via RTSP with no issue. Entered the S3 credentials via the media cache configuration page as documented,but cannot get videos to play back from the vods3 app.

The S3 bucket is set to private, and I entered the AWS region in the base name, but I am seeing errors in the access logs showing that media cache cannot see my s3 file storage. I have s3fs installed on that Amazon Linux AMI and tested my secret key and credentials. Uploading my dev server logs.

I did a search on the forum and read the docs provided, but still stuck on this vods3 configuration issue.

Which region is your S3 bucket in? I’ve previously seen issues when the S3 bucket isn’t in the “standard” region (that is: us-east-1)

Hi, thanks for responding… It’s us-west-2 region. I have it configured on the base path field on configuration, (keys are commented out for screen capture, but verified working) Attached an image for review.

Hi, if there are any support staff lingering around today, I can send over my logs if you wish.

Hi @Roger_Raigosa, technical support would be happy to help and review your logs, but they do not monitor the forums. They can only you assist you through a support ticket to wowza. But, they will be happy to look at your MediaCache config.

I’m not sure if you saw this already, but we have a pretty extensive mediacache guide (pdf) with several example urls for RTSP playback using an S3 bucket. I think you need to scroll down to page 33.

Maybe it will help you out:

Try to set up a bucket in us-east-1 and then try the exact same thing. I’ve previously had issues when buckets are not in us-east-1; any other region than that caused trouble. Cloud be a bug in WSE. Back then I didn’t have time to dig into it and I ended up moving the bucket to us-east-1.

thanks for the feedback. I resolved the issue awhile back. It was an error in the screenshot. It was the forward slash in my prefix. I configured it as if it was a local file system, removing that slash allowed me to access the s3 storage in vod apps.

Support staff tested my config files on their servers and it worked.