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Unable to stream to Wowza from OBS after adding 'ModuleCupertinoProgramDateTime' module

I am able to stream from OBS to Wowza server before adding ModuleCupertinoProgramDateTime. Once I add the module, configure and restart the Wowza service, I am not able to stream from OBS. I have checked the IP address,application name and streamName and not using authentication.

Were you able to successfully stream using HLS in a test player before you added that module @Aj Singh?

As you know, OBS is using RTMP. Wowza Streaming Engine ingests timed metadata over RTMP in Action Message Format (AMF). Once the AMF metadata is in the stream, it must be converted to ID3 in order for it to be used when the stream is played with Apple HLS in a web browser or mobile app.

We’ll need a support ticket on this please so we can view your entire configuration and find the issue with some testing. Thanks very much.

I was able to stream using HLS in my Prototype application using videojs player.

You were? Ok, well then tech support will need to take a look and run some tests. It’s the only way to find out what is the issue. It may be something with those ID3 tags or even if and how the videojs player supports it.