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Uniquely identifying stream by adding server IP address

What I am trying to accomplish:

We are currently running redundant transcoders for each live stream event. Both of these transcoders are getting the same stream forwarded to them (using the same stream name). Each transcoder then forwards their stream to a recorder. The recorder now has two different streams with the same name. The playlist object is using the stream name as the key; when a single stream dies we stop all recording.

Plan of attack:

When the transcoders push the stream to the recorder I would like to append the current transcoders IP address to the stream to uniquely identify it in the recorder.


I would prefer to look at incoming streams client connection to get the IP that was used to bind (since there may be multiple assigned to any of our nodes). Unfortunately, the stream is always returning a null client.


Is there a reliable way to get the IP address from a stream returning a null client?