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Unknown Action REST API


I am having some issues making requests to the Wowza Streaming Engine REST API for connecting to a stream. Using this URL:


I get the error: 404 Unknown action: connect

I am making these requests via a Java app, not curl. All other REST requests I have implemented so far have worked: add stream, delete stream, start recording, stop recording. However, when adding a stream, it will not add the URI of the stream file via REST for some reason.

Has anyone run into this issue? I am using this version:

Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Developer Edition (Expires: Oct 17, 2016) 4.4.1 build17882

Thank you!

Its hard to understand what is going on here without more details. What is the name of the stream? What is the name of the app?

Assuming the application name is test, and the stream you are trying to connect to is test1 you might try this url:


I hope this helps.