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Update a live stream via the REST API - use_stream_source not updated

I’m trying to update my live stream using the API v1.11 and I can’t manage to update the use_stream_source attribute. The value remains “false” whether during creation or update.
The request response returns the correct value but during the get it is the old one that is returned.
Can you please help me to fix my issue ?

Here are my requests :

Create live stream :
“live_stream”: {
“aspect_ratio_height”: 1080,
“aspect_ratio_width”: 1920,
“billing_mode”: “pay_as_you_go”,
“broadcast_location”: “eu_belgium”,
“delivery_method”: “push”,
“encoder”: “other_rtmp”,
“name”: “My new Live Stream”,
“transcoder_type”: “transcoded”,
“low_latency”: false,
“use_stream_source”: true

Update live stream :
“live_stream”: {
“name”: “My new Live Stream updated”,
“use_stream_source”: false