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Updating from Wowza ver 4.7.7 to 4.8.0 (New Java Version Installation)

I’m planning to update my WSE ver 4.7.7 running on Windows 10 (64-bit) to WSE 4.8.0.

I am aware that the new version of WSE requires OpenJDK Java SE JRE 9.0.4 to work.

However, I am a bit confused about the installation of the OpenJDK Java SE JRE 9.0.4 update. Based on the instruction, after unzipping the package and selecting the folder (windows-x64) that matches the OS of my WSE, I need to copy and paste the contents of the said folder into the WSE [install-dir]/jre directory.

Does it mean I need to overwrite the contents of the existing WSE [install-dir]/jre directory which consists of 5 folders (bin, db, include, jre, lib) and other files (COPYRIGHT, LICENSE, README.html, release, THIRPARTYLICENSEREADME.TXT), in case that there are files/folders with the same file names/folder names from the unzip JRE 9 package, and simply keep the other files that are not overwritten?

Can I rename instead the current WSE [install-dir]/jre directory, then create a new WSE [install-dir]jre directory and paste there the contents of the unzipped new Java version?

Here’s the steps that we use when doing upgrades to OpenJDK9:

Stop Wowza

Rename the current JRE folder to jre_1.8.0_77


Unpack OpenJDK into the Wowza install folder – it’ll create the “jre” subfolder

Move all files from the jre/windows-x64 to the parent folder (thus directly under /jre)

Remove the “jre/macosx-x64” and “jre/linux-x64” folders

Start Wowza

Hi Karel,

Thank you for these clear step-by-step instructions.