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upgrading to wowza 4 - mac or windows and logs to MySQL database

Hi all,

I am thinking to upgrade my Wowza Streaming Server from 3.6 to 4.

Is it better to install the new Wowza Streaming Server in a MACOSX or in a Windows server?

All the functionalities are available both in MACOSX and in WINDOWS ?

At the moment our Wowza Streaming Server record the logs to a MySQL database.

Shall I be able to maintain this functionality upgrading to Wowza 4 ?

All the best

Paolo Mazza

The Wowza Transcoder AddOn is not supported on Mac systems, other then that they are virtually the same.

And logging to MySQL should still work as before, there may be some configuration that needs to be redone to get it all working with a fresh install though.